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Cosmetic Dentistry in Winchester

At Nova Dental, we feel honored to see patients through their journey to a happier, more confident smile. Nothing makes us happier than getting to be a part of the emotional response after a patient sees their new smile for the first time. Whether your teeth are stained, chipped, misshapen, or unevenly spaced, we'll listen to your needs and develop a treatment plan to correct unwanted imperfections. Give us a call to learn more and start a conversation about your smile!

Refresh Your Smile

Teeth Whitening

Is a discolored smile getting you down? Yellow teeth or a dull smile can be renewed with our take-home teeth whitening option. Woburn cosmetic dentist Dr. Guldalian will create your custom whitening trays so they fit perfectly on your teeth. This ensures that the bleaching agent won’t ooze to your gums, potentially causing discomfort. It also gives patients an even whitening treatment across all their teeth. Call us today to get started!

Revamp Your Smile

Bonding, Shaping & Contouring

If you are unhappy with the shape or spacing of your teeth, or if your teeth are chipped, Dr. Guldalian can gently correct these imperfections. Bonding, shaping, and contouring involves removing enamel and/or applying tooth-colored resin to the teeth to give your smile a more desirable shape and look. Call our friendly team to learn more about this affordable, effective solution.

Cover Imperfections

Veneers & Lumineers

Veneers and Lumineers are popular cosmetic treatments for a variety of reasons. These procedures can be completed in only two appointments, and they can correct a handful of imperfections in your smile’s appearance. Chipped, discolored, uneven, or misaligned teeth can all be corrected with veneers and Lumineers. Call us today to learn more!

Enhance Your Smile

at Nova Dental

If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry options and expert dental care in Woburn, Dr. Guldalian would love to meet you! She’ll take the time to listen to your needs and your goals, and develop a treatment plan to give you the smile of your dreams. Call us today to start your journey! You can reach us at (781) 369-5722, or visit our office at 304 Cambridge Road, Suite 340, Woburn, MA 01801.

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